Caring for the most vulnerable during the extreme cold

ST. LOUIS - The City of St. Louis decided to increase its winter shelter and outreach operations because of this bitter cold and many others are stepping up to help those in need.

“Police brought some of the homeless there. A lot of people have gone out of their way just to help us homeless. They come out. They’re not even part of the churches and stuff but they just volunteer out of the kindness of their hearts and offered to pick us up and bring us to shelters,” says Ronald Watkins.

“They come they bring hot coffee and cocoa. They’ll drop you at different warm-up spots so you can eat and take a shower and pretty much get yourself together,” says Andre Pellegrino.

With the wind-chill of -27 at the coldest point on Wednesday, it takes less than 30 minutes of exposure for your skin to freeze.

Even those that don’t have much are looking out for others in these deadly conditions.

Watkins says, “I have no need for the blankets so I rather give them to somebody less fortunate than myself or someone that has some type of reason why they don’t want to go stay. I rather have them use them to stay warm.”

If you’d like to donate money or your time you can reach out to the Winter Outreach programs, the Biddle house or the St. Patrick’s Center.

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