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USPS course change: Mail will be delivered in the Midwest during cold snap

U.S.Mailbox with red flag and letter in winter.

UPDATE:  After changing course several times Tuesday night, the Kansas City Star reports the U.S. Postal Service will be offering normal mail delivery Wednesday in Kansas and Missouri.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A deadly arctic deep freeze has enveloped the Midwest, forcing widespread closure of schools, businesses, government offices, and prompting the U.S. Postal Service to take the rare step of suspending mail delivery to a wide swath of the region.   Postal workers will not be working in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. Although, they will be working Wednesday in St. Louis.

The US Postal Service says that retail operations at local offices in much of the Midwest will be available, but may be limited. There will be no collection mail pick up from businesses or collection boxes in states where service is suspended. There will also be no residential or commercial package pick-up services.

Many normal activities are shutting down and residents are huddled inside as the National Weather Service forecast plunging temperatures from one of the coldest air masses in years. The bitter cold is the result of a split in the polar vortex that allowed temperatures to plunge much further south in North America than normal.

Officials throughout the region are focused on protecting vulnerable people from the cold, including the homeless, seniors and those living in substandard housing.

At least four deaths have been linked to the weather system.

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