‘Not so super’: New poll says many in STL, US completely uninterested in Super Bowl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mike Soule says he never misses the Super Bowl. But this year, he plans to do everything he can to avoid it.

“It’s not so super anymore,” Soule said. “It just isn’t.”

So instead of watching the big game at usual spot at the Tool Shed Lounge on 40 Highway, Soule is organizing a motorcycle ride on Sunday.

“So we decided we’re going to jump on the bikes and ride and get out and get some miles on and get away from the whole Super Bowl mess on Sunday,” he said.

According to a new poll, Soule has plenty of company in avoiding the big game.

Kansas City’s Remington Research Group shared the results of a new survey that shows, across the country, 44 percent of Americans “don’t care” who wins the Super Bowl. The big game scored particularly low in the popularity in Kansas City, the entire state of Missouri and much of the Midwest.

“Nationally, people don’t care as well,” Lexie Davis with Remington Research said. “Almost 50 percent of the nation are completely uninterested in watching the game, but even more so in Kansas City specifically.”

Michael Atchison is an author and sports historian. He theorizes there’s no shortage of reasons for people in Kansas City to have no interest in this year’s game.

But there's one obvious reason: that AFC title loss.

“We’ve never experienced it like this,” Atchison said. “Where we’ve come off the fresh heartbreak of it. So clearly, it gets more pronounced here and in New Orleans, where we feel if not wronged at least heartbroken.”

Everyone is welcome to join Soule and the Bikers Advocates for the motorcycle ride to boycott this year’s Super Bowl. Bikers will gather at noon Sunday at the Tool Shed Lounge on 40 Highway. The ride starts at 1 pm.

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