Consumer group offers guide to reduce pesky ‘robocalls’

Frustrated female ceo having problems with smartphone, nervous businesswoman experience phone malfunction working with gadgets in business office, angry woman annoyed with slow internet, spam message

CHICAGO – An Illinois consumer-advocacy group is offering new tips for reducing those pesky computer-generated phone calls.

Citizens Utility Board released its Guide to Fighting Robocalls on Monday. The guide is available for free through the organization’s website .

CUB says technology is allowing scam artists to make thousands of calls a minute, and the calls have reached an “alarming level.” The telecom services firm YouMail estimates there were a record 47.8 billion automated calls in 2018 _ most scam calls or telemarketers.

Executive Director David Kolata says the agency hears complaints from Illinois consumers about the nuisance calls _ and CUB also has been getting the calls in recent months.

He says Illinois consumers and CUB staffers are “exasperated” by the calls and the guide will help people reduce them.

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