Contact 2 helps resolve Sears warranty issue for southern Illinois family

GREENVILLE, Ill. - As far as mornings go, it’s one Greenville, Illinois resident Jackie Myers would rather forget. Her refrigerator was broken, but there was a stainless-steel lining to this discovery, she had an extended warranty.

“We’ve been customers with Sears for over 40 years,” Myers said.

The Myers' brand loyalty to Sears developed through the company honoring other extended warranties and making repair calls to their rural home. She reported her refrigerator issue and two weeks later, a repair technician arrived.

“He said it was a factory installed fan that was placed incorrectly. He was going to move it and it would work. Forty-eight hours later, my refrigerator and freezer were still 80 degrees," Myers said.

It was another two weeks before the next tech came. And when he did, he said the first guy was wrong – it was a compressor issue instead.

“He said he'd have a compressor shipped and then next time they could fix it would be two weeks later," Myers said.

Fast-forward two more weeks. It's now six weeks since her fridge first broke and the compressor arrived. Problem is the third-scheduled repair person didn’t show up. He called instead.

“He stated: I am not in any way equipped to fix this refrigerator, to put a compressor in, nor do I have any tools on my truck to do this. You’re going to have to call and reschedule. If you poked me I’d explode. I’m extremely upset,"  Myers said.

That’s when Jackie emailed Contact 2. We immediately contacted Sears.

“I really feel that, at this point, they should replace the refrigerator for me. And I can honestly tell you when this is done, I’m done with Sears,” Myers said.

After some back and forth and a few more complications with Sears, we were able to help the Myers do better than a replacement fridge. Sears wound up cutting the Myers a check for nearly $3,400, which they put towards the purchase of a new refrigerator from a different retailer.

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