Judge rules class action lawsuit against Rams can move forward

ST. LOUIS – They lost the Super Bowl and now the Los Angeles Rams have lost a court battle in their former home. A St. Louis judge approved a class action lawsuit involving fans in Missouri who spent money on the St. Louis Rams in the years leading up to their move.

One of the attorneys involved in the case said it’s too soon to know how fans can participate or how much they could be eligible to receive if the lawsuit is successful. The crux of the suit is based on the view the Rams knew they were leaving town but continued to rake in money from unsuspecting fans who bought jerseys, tickets, and other merchandise.

“I think they definitely need to be reimbursed,” said former Rams fans Tina Marie Glass.

She was shopping at the University City Goodwill store and recalled seeing St. Louis Rams merchandise on the store’s shelves after the team moved.

“There were some good deals but people walked right past them,” she said.

Other shoppers shared a different view. Some said a recently settled lawsuit involving PSL holders was a more compelling case for reimbursement. The Rams agreed to pay back $24 million as a result of that lawsuit.

“I don’t think you should get your money back for merchandise,” said Patricia Thomas. “People on sports teams leave all the time and no one expects to get their money back if they get traded or they retire.”

The suit was filed in 2016 and can now include fans who lived in Missouri and purchased St. Louis Rams tickets or merchandise in Missouri between April 21, 2010 and January 4, 2016. An attorney involved in the case said it could be weeks before more information is known about how the case will move forward.

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