101-year-old woman home alone during home invasion

A 101-year-old woman proving she is not the one to mess with after a home invasion in Eight Mile.

The brazen suspect just strolled in,helped himself to a big screen TV and game console. And all the while, the elderly woman was home alone during the crime. Little did he know he was the star of several surveillance cameras.

The crime happened on Tuesday morning. Surveillance video shows a stranger in a blue vehicle driving through the neighborhood — even getting out and approaching some of the homes.

“Somebody knocked on the door,” recalled the 101-year-old victim. “I didn’t say anything because I can’t walk and I didn’t answer it you know.”

When no one answered, the victim says he drove around to the back of the home — breaking in the back door and walking past her bedroom.

“The door was cracked just enough that I could see the person, the side of him. And he saw that the door was cracked,” said victim. “I called out — thinking it was my grandson and he closed my door.”

It wasn’t until the rest of the family returned home and realized their 55-inch TV and Xbox were gone and that they had been burglarized. The neighbor’s cameras seeing the suspect come and go.

“They asked me if get scared. I said no I didn’t get scared because I didn’t know somebody was breaking in the house,” said victim.

The family put the surveillance video and images on Facebook warning others in the neighborhood.

Turns out it’s not the only door the suspect knocked on. According to another victim, he knocked on their door Tuesday and allegedly returned on Thursday. After knocking on the door, the homeowner recognized him from his surveillance video and social media posts and met him at the door with a gun. He held him their until Prichard Police arrived to make the arrest.

Arrested was 18-year-old Dewayne Wheeler. According to a witness the stolen Xbox was still in the back seat of his car.

News of his arrest, not a surprise to his 101-year-old victim.

“I knew they were going to get him because the fool was going from house to house… Laughs. He went over there first, then he came over here, he had been to a lady’s house over there. I knew he would be caught. I told Stephanie they will catch him before the week is out,” said victim.

Wheeler facing several charges related to the crime — including Burglary 2nd Degree, Attempt Burglary 2nd Degree, Receiving Stolen Property 1st Degree, and Receiving Stolen Property 4th Degree.

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