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Commute along I-44 treacherous for some drivers

ROLLA, Mo. – Forecasters predicted some of the heaviest snow to fall in Rolla, up to maybe four inches.

The trip from St. Louis down Interstate 44 was treacherous. But some drivers, like Lance Parker, seemed to be up for the challenge.

“I used to be an over the road truck driver, so I’m kind of an old hand,” Parker said.

The interstate became snow packed by early afternoon. The Missouri Department of Transportation had plows out in force. It was not unusual to see cars sitting on the sides of the highway.

Some folks drove with hazard lights blinking while others did not even bother to turn their headlights on.

In St. James, side roads were covered. The city’s salt and plow trucks were out. A good move, because two vehicles ended up in a ditch. Folks said one vehicle couldn’t stop on the ice and plowed into the back of the other. They both ended up off the road. No one was hurt.

In Cuba, snow covered cars and the ground was turning white. People were getting their supplies ready in order to keep themselves and their vehicles safe against another round of winter weather.

Dean Swedeen had trouble but finally found a store that had windshield fluid in stock.

“Windshield problem. I’m empty, the roads are nasty, and I needed it. It’s my third stop and they’ve been out of it,” he said.

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