Hawk swoops in, attacks family’s puppy

LAS VEGAS (KVVU) — A hawk swooped in and attacked a Summerlin family’s puppy. It happened on Friday right in their own backyard.

Lulu the toy Yorkie isn’t even a year old. She weighs just two pounds.

When Cecilia Celis let Lulu out, she said she shut the door and looked away. Little did she know something else was watching: a red-tailed hawk.

“It waits a little and then it swoops on her,” Celis said. “We just let them out and then the bird swoops in drags her and is like choking her, it stood on her.”

Celis showed FOX5 home security video of the incidents. Cameras captured the hawk diving toward the Toy Yorkie. The hawk fought with its potential prey before dragging the puppy and hovering over her.

“And I was yelling at it, ‘Get off my dog, get off my dog!’”

Celis ran out in a panic. First she tried to shoo the bird away.

“I was screaming at it the whole time to get off and it wasn’t fazed by me,” she said. “It was just staring at me in the eyes.”

So then, Celis grabbed a pillow.

“That’s the first thing I saw that wouldn’t hurt her or the bird,” she said.

She hit the hawk not just once or twice.

“I guess it took three, four shots to get it off,” she said.

The bird finally flew away but it didn’t go very far. The family was able to snap pictures of the hawk before it took off. They believe it is someone’s pet.

As for little Lulu, she is doing better. The hawk clawed her neck.

Lulu and her sister Heidi weigh just two pounds. So Celis and her family said from now on, they will be watching their pups, like a hawk.

“At first, we thought our backyard was the safest place for them,” Celis said. “But now we have to keep the door open, just in case. And then we stay out here and watch them. We have to keep an eye on them the whole time. We can’t even let them go in the corners or anything because anything could be around.”

The family went around the neighborhood to warn others with small dogs.

By the time animal control showed up, the hawk was already gone. Celis also contacted several people who have posted that they are missing hawks. But so far, no one has claimed this one.

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