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Victim in South County carjacking fired at least one shot at carjacker

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – A couple was carjacked Tuesday morning in broad daylight at a South County supermarket. It ended with at least one shot being fired.

The carjacking happened around 11 am Tuesday morning in a Schnucks parking lot near Butler Hill Road and Interstate 55.

A woman shopper who did not want to be identified said she had talked with the female carjacking victim. The shopper said, “This woman came in very shaken because she said I’ve been carjacked, I’ve been carjacked.”

The female victim was injured.  The shopper said, “Blood, blood, some blood on the hand and the knee a little bit of blood but the jean was ripped.”

Police said the woman and a man were loading up their car with groceries when the gunman carjacked their vehicle.  Both victims are in their sixties.  The woman was hurt when she was pushed out of the car.

“It just seems like it’s happening more everywhere all the time,” said Dennis Holdman, shopper.

Last Friday, at a shopping center in North County a shootout between two parties resulted in more than 30 shots fired.  One of the suspects was wounded.

In the South County case, the male victim was armed and he fired one shot at the suspect as he drove away in the stolen car, a 2014 Chevy Impala.

The incident had folks thinking about safety, “I’m always aware. I’m always looking around when I got my kids with me,” Vera Jercevic, shopper.

The female shopper who talked with the victims said, “I need to take the class and get a gun carry and conceal.”

Police do not think the suspect was wounded.  There have been no arrests at this point.

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