Couple says divine intervention saved them from beam that fell on their bed

WILDWOOD, MO - A Wildwood family believes they are lucky to be alive after a decorative ceiling beam in their bedroom fell while they were sleeping.  They suspect Saturday night’s powerful winds were what caused it to fall.  Tim House suffered a serious cut to his forehead, a black eye, and other scrapes and bruises.  His wife Linda was not injured but was in so much shock when the beam fell, she was unable to call for help.

“Her hands wouldn’t move because she was in such shock to dial 911,” said Linda’s 13-year-old daughter Marielle Reichert.  “I took her phone and dialed it.”

Tim House had trouble stopping the bleeding from his head.  He now has about a dozen stitches and says he’ll be okay.  His main concern is not his own health.  He fears there could be other decorative ceiling beams that could fall.  It appears there were 17 nails holding the beam in place.

“They’re spaced apart for the rafters but I would have expected screws and at least a stud fastener in the rafters to parallel this beam to secure it,” said Tim House.

“If it would have gone an inch or two, either way, it would have taken both of us out,” said Linda House.

She believes there was some divine intervention that kept her and her husband alive.  The house was built in 1986.  The House’s are not the original owners and say the original builder is no longer around.   An insurance adjuster will be examining the damage on Wednesday.

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