Former organist was last person to play inside the Old Barn

CASEYVILLE, Ill. – On the 20th anniversary of the implosion of the old St. Louis Arena, the man who was once the youngest organist in the NHL when is replaying some memories.

“Every time you had to be on your toes,” says Tom Docter, who took a job with the St. Louis Blues when he was 15. “We didn’t rely on anything multimedia. It was just the organist and the crowd.”

Over the course of Docter’s time at the “Old Barn” and then newly-built Kiel Center, he played more than 600 sporting events.

Docter said his daughter was born the day the Checkerdome came down.

“I felt a connection with it, knowing I was the last person to play there…I felt like I had to be there that day,” Docter said. “I felt like I had to be there to see part of my past come to an end.”

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