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Author of ABC Affirmations About Me visits the studio

ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Jessica K. Carter is a Scholar-Practitioner, Author, and Entrepreneur from Saint Louis, Missouri that specializes in child development and media literacy skills.

Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology, she utilizes her education and experiences to reduce the media's influences of cultural generalizations. In addition to educational strides, Jessica K. Carter has assumed many roles developing children firsthand, including nanny, teacher, daycare director, foster parent, aunt, and mother.

She believes every child has a unique footprint to leave on the world and caregivers provide the foundation for those initial discovery steps, which gives children the power to make future decisions.

Jessica's passions also include bringing awareness to the topics of racism, African American pregnancy & infant mortality rates, and positive self-development. Her hobbies include running, traveling, gardening, astrology and religious studies.

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