Burglar goes on wire cutting spree at golf course clubhouse, causing over $50K in damage

WATERLOO, Ill. - A suspected burglar went on a wire-cutting frenzy and shut down one of the St. Louis area's favorite golf courses -- Annbriar in Waterloo, Illinois.

Cameron Crockarell, of Granite City, may be a suspect in at least four other recent golf course burglaries. It appears he was trying to disable any alarms or surveillance cameras by cutting all the wires, said Annbriar general manager Russ Nobbe.

Inside the clubhouse basement, nearly every telecom wire in sight was cut -- television, phone, and internet. Hundreds of wires in the utility room distribution boxes were also cut.

Still, the silent burglar alarm was triggered about 2:40 a.m. Saturday.

Sheriff’s deputies caught Crockarell in the parking lot, said Sheriff Neal Rohlfing. He had yet to make it into the clubhouse full of top of the line golf gear and apparel. He only had boxes of frozen chicken wings and hot dogs from the outdoor smokehouse, Nobbe said.

Power and the burglar alarm have been restored but there’s up to $50,000 in damage, nearly all from cut wires.

“We didn’t really lose anything in the theft.  It’s just more the damage of all the wires he cut.  The process he took to get into the building creates a lot of damage; the phone, the internet, all that kind of stuff that we rely on,” said Nobbe.

Nobbe added, “I guess the biggest thing is just another setback with the weather we’ve been having and now this.  It’s kind of like we’re all anxious to get going on the golf season.  We’ve got a great staff.  We want to get busy on providing great golf to everybody and having fun.  That’s what we do best.”

In spite of the damage, Annbriar will be golf ready this weekend if the weather cooperates.

Crockarell, 50, was charged with burglary and property damage. His bond was set at $200,000. Investigators said they're looking at whether merchandise found in the car may have been stolen from at least four other courses in recent weeks.

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