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Investigators surprised no one else was killed in Hillsboro accident

HILLSBORO, Mo. – Fox 2 News got a look at the extensive damage after a three-vehicle crash in Hillsboro sent a utility truck into the side of an apartment complex.

“You’re looking at the first floor that collapsed down into the basement area,” said Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshal Brian Gaudet, Hillsboro Fire Protection District.

A tarp now covers a gaping hole more than 15-feet wide after an Ameren truck smashed into the side of the apartment complex. It’s the aftermath of a fatal three-vehicle crash off of Highway 21.

“I arrived on the scene first and obviously, when I got here, I was in a little bit in shock as to what we had going on,” Gaudet said.

Fifteen-year-old Preston Isaacson and his brother, JT, who live next door were the first to spring into action.

“Me and my brother both ran outside and I went and checked on the guy in the car first. I went up there and the car was smashed and I barely could see him in there,” Preston said.

Missouri State Highway Patrol said 54-year-old Henry Rushing died in that crash.

“It’s really unfortunate that he lost his life but, thankfully, no one else was hurt,” JT said.

Gaudet said he’s surprised no one else was killed, given the amount of force generated from a five-ton work truck barreling into the apartment. Eight or nine people—including children—were inside the apartment building at the time.

“You can see that the gutters kind of bow out on the top floor. It kicked out the backside of the building,” he said.

Gaudet said Thursday night residents were able to get some of their essential but they won’t be able to get back inside until a structural engineer comes early next week. For now, the property owner and the Red Cross is making sure these residents have somewhere to stay.

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