After 23 days, blind dog found OK in Illinois pasture

ALEDO, Ill. (AP) _ A blind dog named Callie has been found _ more than three weeks after she dashed from her western Illinois home.

Callie survived snow, freezing rain and extremely cold temperatures since Feb. 13. She lost 15 pounds but otherwise appears OK. Her owner, Jan Pearson of Aledo, says she didn’t believe she’d see the dog again.

But a teenager on his way to school spotted Callie last Friday in a pasture, just two miles from Pearson’s home in Mercer County. Eli Trimble tells the Quad-City Times that he caught the dog and then passed her to his mother.

Robin Trimble contacted the owner, and they both had a good cry.

Pearson says Callie hadn’t left home in 13 years. She says, “There will be some different rules now.”

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