Clarksville mayor hopes new temporary flood wall will protect the city

CLARKSVILLE, MO – Historic flooding throughout the Midwest Monday night.  Three people have died, hundreds of homes are flooded, and thousands of people are being forced to evacuate.

Governors in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska have declared states of emergency.  Towns up and down the Mississippi River have been warned there could be potentially devastating flooding in the next three months.

Just days ago, people began building a temporary flood wall in Clarksville and so far, it looks ready to meet the rising waters this week.

“Flooding has been hard on this community,” said Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor of Clarksville.

More than half of the businesses left town after owners grew tired of some many floods.  The mayor believes a new temporary flood wall is the answer to keeping back floodwater.

“It`s easy to install,” said Smiley.

She believes if the community didn`t have to spend money on sandbags for flood protection, which can leak and fail, businesses may return to town.

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