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Family and friends still reeling from murder of Edwardsville couple

EDWARDSVILLE, IL – We’re learning more about the couple that was brutally murdered in their Edwardsville home Monday.

Family and friends are still reeling after the loss of Mike and Lois Ladd, calling their murders ‘senseless’.  They ask anyone with information to come forward to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

Residents and family members in the Edwardsville are focused on the good the Ladd`s did for the Edwardsville community and beyond, not the hate or horrific way they died.

They both were very active in the Rotary and did a lot of volunteer work.

Lois’ brother says the couple was married for more than 40 years and they both have deep roots in the area.  He explains Mike was a contractor who gave people opportunities when they needed work and Lois helped hundreds of clients through her chiropractic and acupuncture practice.

“There are just so many things that I could tell you about Lois and Mike.  The extent of this tragedy is just a little overwhelming for all of us.  We’re here to pick up the pieces,” says Roger Buchta, Lois’ brother.

“I came in a wheelchair.  She got me to the point where I was on crutches; then I was with the cane and I don’t believe in miracles but this was a miracle... I know a lot of people are very angry as well as being sad.  At this point, we should be inspired by Lois’ love for others and Mike’s love for others,” says Ellen Proctor, coworker and family friend.

Plans are in the works for a visitation at Saint Boniface in Edwardsville on Monday evening and a funeral is tentatively set for Tuesday.  Both will be open to the public and once those details are finalized, we’ll share that information.

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