Restaurants, bars and stores see spike in businesses with good weather

ST. LOUIS – Goodbye winter weather it`s finally starting to feel like spring and many St. Louisans are taking advantage of it this weekend.

Fox 2/News 11`s Michelle Madaras was out and about in downtown St. Louis where people were out shopping, eating and enjoying the good weather.

Many of the people didn`t have coats on, some were wearing light jackets, but this is one of the first weekends we`ve had in quite some time without snow or rain.

And that`s also a good thing for businesses, especially local bars and restaurants.  Many say they took a hit this winter because most of the snow storms we had fell on weekends which tend to be their busiest days.  The warmer weather also means more people are willing to come out and stay longer eating, drinking, and shopping, spending their dollars at local businesses.

And with the good weather, many are in a good mood.

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