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Better Family Life chooses grieving families as faces of anti-violence march

ST. LOUIS - A continuous call for action.

Grieving families are continuing to come together to fight what they say is the senseless crime and gun violence that is rocking the St. Louis-area.

“It takes a very strong person to overcome the hurt and the pain of losing a child," said Phyllis Curry, whose son, 22-year-old DeAnthony Curry, was gunned down in 2017.

His killer was never brought to justice.

“Every day I think about him," she said as she cried sitting on her front porch. “You never think that your child will become a victim of violent crime, you know?”

Curry is one of a handful of families chosen as the face of theMOVE campaign. The group met Wednesday night at the Better Family Life Cultural Center planning for its upcoming 'MOVE' march.

It’s a grassroots movement by the non-profit organization, representing all of the grieving families who have lost loved ones to violent crime but are working together to put a stop to it all.

"It’s time particularly for the African-American community to stand up and address this issue," said James Clark, community outreach director and vice president. “We’ve been silent or too long and we have got to understand that what we tolerate is what we teach so we are teaching our youth that killing is ok, killing is acceptable, we have tolerated that for too long.”

Just like Curry's son's killer, no one has ever been caught in the shooting death of Shanette Hall’s brother. She is also one of the faces representing the MOVE rally.

Hall said her brother’s tragedy is part of the reason why she became a police officer.

“I kept telling one side of the story which was, 'Yeah, my dad was a police officer,' and I wasn't shedding light on the other side of the story," she said. “And I feel I was doing a disservice to the real empathetic reason as to why I wanted to serve my community.”

“My son is gone but I’m still out here fighting to save other people’s children," said Curry.

The march is scheduled for April 13 beginning at 9 a.m. at the Roberts Parking Lot. The march will at the Better Family Life Cultural Center.

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