Despite some flooding, city of Grafton still open for business

GRAFTON, Ill. – Floodwaters have taken over part of the roadway in Grafton, Illinois but the city is still trying to stay open for business.

“How’s life on the big river? Pretty good,” said Joe Desherlia.

Like many Grafton residents, Desherlia doesn’t seem to be phased by floodwater. He’s worked out a system.

“We get back-and-forth with either the paddleboat or the Jon Boat,” he said.

With part of Route 100 in the downtown area swallowed by water, there’s a detour, even though some seem to be ignoring it. But most say they can get around town just fine.

“If the roads get too bad we can take the detour or we have a Jon Boat if it gets real bad,” said Dennis Dayday.

Grafton Mayor Rick Eberlin said he wouldn’t suggest driving through the floodwater but said the ambulance service, the fire department, and the city all have boats if there’s an emergency situation.

He said only a few homes have been impacted and 90 percent of businesses in Grafton were still open.

“As of noon today, we only had three. Unfortunately, Ready’s is closed along with the Oyster Bar and the marina which is all one big area and then further to the west of town the Hog Pit.”

According to the National Weather Service, the Mississippi River will crest on Monday afternoon in Grafton at 27 feet but there’s more rain in the forecast.

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