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Customers still recovering after car crashes into Eureka restaurant

EUREKA, Mo. - Several customers are recovering after a car smashed into a restaurant in Eureka Wednesday night.

"I felt the impact. I didn't even hear anything. It just happened so fast," said Delta Caskanette, who was bartending at Poor Richard's Restaurant and Sports Club at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when police say a driver smashed into the bar area.

“Frantic. Everyone was in a panic and just running around. It was crazy," she said.

Caskanette says one of the patrons was pinned between the bar and the car, and it wasn't until the driver sped off that he was freed.

"Some of the witnesses had followed the driver and given information as to where the driver was at the time and officers were able to stop the vehicle and subsequently arrested the driver," said Captain David Wilson, Eureka Police Department.

Police confirm that the driver was in the restaurant before the accident. Caskenette says he had a beer at the bar while waiting on a to-go order and then he sat in the parking lot for a while.

"I mean I didn't directly see the driver. I'm not 100 percent sure that was him, but if it was that guy, he walked out of here fine," she said.

Two customers are recovering and the third is still in the hospital, but with more than 20 people in the bar at the time of the accident, there were a lot of lives at risk.

“Proper course of action would have been to remain on the scene until the officers arrived there. Obviously, he may have still been facing some driving while intoxicated charges, but now he's also facing a charge for leaving the scene of an accident," said Wilson.

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