Ben Carson visits St. Louis to discuss new program for declining neighborhoods

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Several depressed St. Louis neighborhoods could soon get a makeover with a  new federal program.

It was a bi-partisan get together featuring HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson and Governor Mike Parson on Friday. Both sides of the aisle, federal, state, and local politicians, came together to try and make the lives of troubled St. Louisans better.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and Congressman Lacy Clay also took part in a round table discussion.

They listened to many people, including three women who talked about how government programs helped turn their lives around. “I was able to get a great job and do what I love to do which is teach and move out of public housing," said Omega Stewart, one of them women.

Secretary Carson was here to promote a new program for neighborhoods in decline. It rewards investors with tax breaks if they build new homes and businesses and continue to invest in those properties for ten years, instead of taking the profits and leaving.

“We’re looking for a here today and here to stay motto," Carson said.

“At the end of the day really it’s about giving people an opportunity to get back in the workforce and become a productive citizen," Governor Parson added.

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