Panera putting up STL Proud billboards in St. Louis after ‘Bagel-gate’

Panera’s billboards going up in St. Louis after “Bagel-Gate”

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Bagel-gate continues across the St. Louis area.  Many people online are upset, surprised and even shocked by the idea of bread slicing a bagel.  The idea has been going on at St. Louis Bread Company locations (Paneras) in St. Louis for as long as many can remember.

The national outrage has led Panera to put up billboards across the area and now make t-shirts. The shirts and billboard will carry the hashtag #stlouisstyle and #stlouisproud.  It is not clear yet when the billboards will be put up.

A Midwest man who brought his coworkers bagels sliced like bread is getting an earful from New Yorkers and social media.

Alek Krautmann on Monday tweeted a photo of his Panera purchase and called the vertical slices “the St. Louis secret.” Krautmann pointed out it creates more slices and more surface area for cream cheese. He wrote the few remaining slices make nice bagel chips with hummus.

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York wasn’t buying it over the traditional horizontal slice. The Democrat tweeted “St Louis, fuhgeddaboudit.”

New York City’s chief of detectives Dermot Shea thanked posters for reporting “this crime.” He wrote it would never happen in New York.

Panera told Krautmann the bagels “are on us” next time and they’ll be sliced however he’d like.

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