Stenger facing calls to resign over federal investigation

St. Louis County Councilman Tim Fitch calls on County Executive Steve Stenger to resign so that county government can work better for the people. He feels the relationship between Stenger and the council is horrible.

“It’s beyond repair. The trust is broken. Once the trust is lost its hard to accomplish anything for the common good,” said Fitch.

Steve Stenger responded quickly this morning saying:

"I am not resigning. The voters of St. Louis county elected me to do a job and I will continue to work on their behalf. The assertion that county government is in chaos is untrue. County government continues to function efficiently and our administration and employees are working to improve the lives of our residents."

But Fitch says the federal investigation that subpoenaed Stenger’s emails and calls over his business relationships was the straw the broke the camel’s back.

“Just because there is a federal investigation doesn't mean anyone did anything wrong. However, this is going to be a serious distraction for many months,” Fitch said.

Fitch says instead of saying what’s the right thing to do, council is spending too much time worrying how Stenger will "bury the bill". Fitch calls it too much tit for tat. He adds that not enough work is getting accomplished in the county with the current relationship.

“We're getting some of it done. Don't get me wrong. However, it’s not like it used to be as far as being on the same page with what’s best for the public. Now it's all about the fight,” said Fitch.

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