Cardinals support bill that would ban drones near Busch Stadium

ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Cardinals want drones banned from flying near the stadium, so they are throwing their support behind legislation in the current session of the Missouri General Assembly. That bill would also ban drones from flying over prisons, jails, and mental hospitals. The bill would ban drones from flying over any stadium in Missouri that can hold more than 30,000 people.

State Representative Mike Henderson told Fox 2 the drones can be a threat to fans and that the issue comes down to safety.

"This is a fight about who owns the air above us," said Judd Slivka, the Director of Aerial Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism.  Slivka teaches students how to fly drones ethically, safely and legally.

The proposed bill would make it a misdemeanor to fly a drone near the stadium and a felony if the drone was used to deliver a weapon or controlled substance.  The FAA's website said that flying drones in and around large stadiums like the ones in the proposed state bill is already prohibited before and after sporting events.

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