What the New York Times says you should do during a visit to St. Louis

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Downtown St Louis at Dusk

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The New York Times has posted a new article named “36 Hours in St. Louis” that shows what someone unfamiliar with the town may want to do when they visit. The article paints a very positive picture of the Gateway to the West.  This list may make for an incredible stay-cation experience too.

This is a selection from the article:

“These days, the downtown core, which boomed with industrialization in the early 20th century, and hollowed out with a rush to the suburbs thereafter, is filling up with new residences, hotel projects and cultural venues (including a museum dedicated to the blues). You can still drink Budweiser in the massive factory where it’s made, but you’ll also find microbreweries that emphasize local ingredients; innovative takes on soul food at restaurants like Gourmet Soul; and flavors introduced by immigrant communities from the Balkans and beyond.”

Elaine Glusac details the places you should visit during a short vacation. She tells people to start their visit on Friday with a trip to the subterranean Museum at the Gateway Arch and then head to the Old Courthouse to get a feeling for the city’s history. She tells readers that there are a lot of microbreweries, even a macro brewery, but you should spend happy hour at Schlafly’s Tap Room. Then visit the farm-to-table restaurant Vicia for dinner.

Saturday should begin with a Renegade Stl’s two-hour Downtown History and Architecture Extravaganza tour. Lunch should come from the Balkan Treat Box in Webster Groves. Then the Botanical Heights neighborhood offers a great place to shop local.  But, that isn’t all she has in store for this visit on Saturday.

Glusac’s list for things to do during the rest of the visit is expansive. You can read the full itinerary here.



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