Surveillance video shows part of Jefferson County man’s wild crime spree


BARNHART, Mo. - Surveillance video shows a Hillsboro man breaking into a convenience store at the Phillips 66 in Barnhart and then targeting a gaming style machine. The man is now behind bars and facing multiple felonies. Investigators say his crime spree lasted two weeks.

Authorities say the man in the video is Christopher Goebel from Hillsboro. This break-in happened about 3:30am  on March 23rd. Goebel targeted three video poker style gaming machines once inside. The owner says Goebel stole a large amount of money from the machines before making his getaway.

Investigators say Goebel broke into four different Jefferson County convenience stores in a week. Every time he shattered glass to get in and then went for gaming style machines.

The break-ins weren't the only crimes that authorities say Goebel was committing.  They say he also stole three Dodge Ram trucks that he used to drive to the different convenience stores.

Jefferson County Sheriff's department spokesperson Grant Bissell says investigators got a beat on Goebel by reviewing surveillance video and also by posting these pictures of Goebel to Facebook.

The pictures came after authorities found a receipt inside one the trucks that they say Goebel stole. That receipt led them to a store where they found the images of Goebel. Besides the distinctive hat, investigators also say one of Goebel's facial features helped to identify him. They say he has a large nose.

Goebel is now facing five felony burglary charges and three felony counts connected to the stealing of the trucks.

Investigators say Goebel was arrested Thursday at a vacant home in Pacific. Authorities are still looking for a second suspect that they say is connected with at least one of the burglaries.



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