Zip line tour at Hidden Valley hopes to open by the end of May

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WILDWOOD, MO - It looked like it was never going to get off the ground, but soon the zip tour at Hidden Valley will be flying through the air.  “It’s one of the longest ones in the area,” said Greg Gavrilets, General Manager of Hidden Valley Ski Resort.

They are hoping to open by the end of next month.

It’s taking a lot of concrete, rebar, and cable to make it a reality.  “There will be 8 concrete towers, altogether they hold 56 tons of rebar.  The 4 zip spans stretch from 300 feet to 2,900 feet, it will take about an hour and a half to complete,” said Gavrilets.

The new attraction is slated to be open year-round.

“Even when it gets cold we have warm days. We fully expect people to come out and enjoy the zip line in the warmer weather in December and January.  You have the opportunity to zip over people that are tubing and skiing it will be a really neat experience,” said Gavrilets.

Riders won’t have to walk up the big hills they will take advantage of the ski lifts.

Battle lines were drawn and heated meetings took place at city hall concerning whether the zip line tour should even be installed.

After making changes the Wildwood City Council approved a proposal.  People who were opposed declined to be interviewed on camera but told me Monday evening they’ll keep a close watch on the new project and listen to see if it’s violating any sound ordinances.

In the meantime, it’s full speed ahead for a course on which participants may be able to travel as fast as 50 miles per hour.  Or they could come to a dead stop if they want because of specially designed trolleys, “that will enable our guest to stop in any point in the ride look around and then release the break and make it all the way to the bottom so there’s no fear of coming up short there’s no fear of not making it,” said Gavrilets.

Come next winter we may see skiing, tubing, and zip lining all happening at the same time here.

The zip line does have to shut down at sundown, but not the skiing.

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