FOX Sports Midwest explains new Busch Stadium camera angle on Cardinals telecasts

April 2019/Courtesy FOX Sports Midwest

ST. LOUIS, MO- In the early days of the 2019 baseball season, Cardinals fans have  had a few concerns bubble up. Marcell Ozuna’s outfield play. Dexter Fowler’s slow start. The future of Carlos Martinez. But something else has incurred the wrath of some fans, particularly on social media. It’s the location of the outfield camera at Busch Stadium showing a pitcher’s delivery to home plate. The view has changed since 2018.

“Last season we added the live strike zone box, to show fans pitch location and velocity. But from our previous angle at Busch, the strike zone graphic sometimes superimposed on the pitcher’s hand, glove or back of his head,” FSM spokesman Geoff Goldman wrote to FOX2 in an email. “So in the offseason we worked with the Cardinals to move to more of an offset view like you see in other stadiums, and similar to what national TV uses when they broadcast from Busch.”

Goldman said the angle was adjusted after Saturday’s game and it will be monitored and tweaked moving forward. The new perspective is now the same width as last year’s view and not as offset to the third base side.

“We work hard each season to add new technology like pitch tracking, additional super slow-motion cameras and most recently bullpen cameras, to provide fans one of the best telecasts in baseball,” Goldman wrote.

Here are comparison photos:


September 2018/Courtesy FOX Sports Midwest


April 2019/Courtesy FOX Sports Midwest

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