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Police: California man attempts to rob construction site, steals RV to get away

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Police say a man broke into a construction site, stole copper and other items, then fled in an RV, dragging a gate and a ladder behind him.

The man was arrested and faces several charges for attempting to steal the items in broad daylight, Chula Vista Police Department confirmed.

Around 8 a.m. Saturday, the man tried to steal copper and other supplies from a construction site near a shopping center in Chula Vista, according to police.

One witness, going only by the name Wyatt, described the scene to reporters.

β€œA gentleman came in, got a ladder, went over the fence and started collecting copper,” Wyatt said. β€œHe had brooms, shovels, trash cans, he had a lot of wire. He went into the electrical section, broke into their tool box and started taking all their scrap copper and stuff."

After the thief reportedly ransacked the worksite, he took an RV, the witness said. As he tried to drive off, the man dragged a ladder and gate behind him down the road. The owner of the vehicle showed up before he could get away.

The suspect was eventually arrested by officers without any of the stolen items; he left significant damage along the way, crashing into a couple of other vehicles, according to Chula Vista Police Sgt. James Petray.

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