Morel map provides mushroom hunters with updates on recent sightings

Large group of seven Black morel or Morchella conica, early spring wild mushrooms in natural habitat on the coast of a mountain stream

ST. LOUIS – April is peak morel hunting season! By now you’ve already heard this could be an “epic” season for mushroom hunters in Missouri.

The morel season is dependent on a cool, moist spring, and can end in late April or extend into May depending on the weather.

Morels can make everything from wine sauce to pasta and even soup! You’ll find plenty of them at the local farmers market, often selling for a pretty penny! People say a pound of the morel mushrooms can sell for $40.

Most morel hunters tend to keep their mushroom picking spots a secret. But one website,, solicits sightings and photos from people across the country.

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Some helpful tips for finding morel mushrooms:

Watch for a sloped hill: The side of a hill that gets more sunshine will be where morels start to show first, especially south-facing slopes.

Watch for certain types of trees: Morels can grow on trees, especially elm, ash, poplar and apple trees. They have even been found under pine trees!

Look for worn ground: Burn sites and areas that have been flooded are known to produce quite a population!

WATCH FOR TICKS: You’ll be in the woods after all. Dress appropriately and use a tick repellent.

Some wild mushrooms are poisonous. Check the Missouri Department of Conservation’s mushroom guide to help you determine what is safe to eat.

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