Missouri sees some progress from trapping feral hogs

Common name: Wild boar, wild hog, feral pig, feral hog, Old World swine, razorback, Eurasian wild boar, Russian wild boar.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation says some landowners are seeing less damage from feral hogs as the state focuses on trapping rather than hunting the invasive animals.

State conservation officials have been working with federal agencies and landowners to eliminate feral hogs in several southeastern counties. Trappers have successfully removed hundreds of feral hogs from the region, but the population keeps returning because of the animals’ rapid reproduction rate.

Conservation official Matthew Peter tells the Southeast Missourian that one trapper has reported significant declines in damage since he began trapping in Wayne and Bollinger counties.

The state banned killing feral hogs after learning that shooting at them makes it more difficult to catch the entire group.

State biologist Alan Leary says the invasive population increased significantly when hunting was allowed.

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