Elliott Davis gets emotional reading ‘thank you’ letters from homeless people

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — FOX 2's Elliott Davis is an advocate for the homeless.  You can follow their struggle to survive in the streets of St. Louis from his Facebook page.  Elliott just won a regional Murrow award for his coverage of the homeless on social media.

A package arrived at the station on Monday.  The manilla envelope was placed in Elliott Davis' "You Paid For It" inbox. It contained several handwritten letters from homeless people.  The notes thank him for the coverage and, "defending people that others choose to forget."

Many of Elliott's reports on the homeless are only on social media.  His Facebook posts have changed lives.  You may have seen this report on one woman who went viral after asking for help on his Facebook page. Strangers drove for hundreds of miles to help her.  He has personally helped many other people living in the streets.

"I have been homeless in freezing temperatures.  For you to be out there reporting with us is awesome," writes a person identifying themselves as Rabbit.

Elliott decided to read many of the letters to his fans on Facebook Live.  He gets emotional after reading some of the fan mail from homeless people.  You can see the full video here.

Read the letters sent to Elliott Davis here:



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