Mother, daughter awarded $10 million in sexual assault lawsuit

**Embargo: Des Moines-Ames, IA** A child and her mother have been awarded $10 million in a civil lawsuit against Dean Hilpipre, of Webster City.

A child and her mother have been awarded $10 million in a civil lawsuit against Dean Hilpipre, of Webster City.

An Iowa District Court judge found Kasey Hilpipre and her 9-year-old daughter entitled to $10 million after the child’s paternal grandfather sexually molested the girl for four years.

Kasey Hilpipre said her daughter was 2 years old when the sexual abuse began and that the abuse continued until she was 7.

“She stated in her testimony that, ‘My grandfather took me into the woods, and he forced my hand on his private …’” said Deborah Yanna, the child’s maternal grandmother.

Yanna said the child stopped eating and cried easily.

“Our heart broke,” she said. “I can’t even explain our heartache for her, and yet we see this little girl almost every day and she’s broken.”

She said the family was devastated in 2018, when Hilpipre’s 10-year prison sentence was suspended as part of a plea deal and he walked away after pleading guilty.

“Children need to be protected in the state of Iowa and they’re not,” Yanna said. “The molesters are being protected.”

Kasey Hilpipre and daughter filed a civil suit for damages after Dean Hilpipre won $100,000 in the lottery.

The lawsuit alleged sexual assault, false imprisonment, assault and battery and emotional distress.

In April Hilpipre and her daughter won their case, but she and Yanna say the money won fix what happened to the child.

“Our granddaughter won the $10 million, but that $10 million will never replace what this man took away from her,” Yanna said.

Now that the case is over, Kasey Hilpipre said she plans to push for changes in Iowa law.

“If you touch a child, you go to jail. You’ll go to prison. Period,” she said. “No plea deals. There should never be a plea deal for molesting a child.”

Dean Hilpipre received 5 years of probation and a 5-year no-contact order.

If he spends money without paying the judgment awarded to the family, he can be held in civil contempt

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