Pam Hupp’s lawyers argue for more information about alleged ‘planted’ $100 bills

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Lawyers for Pam Hupp today complained to a Judge that they're not getting all of the evidence to defend their client. Hupp didn't appear herself in court Friday. She remained across the street in her St. Charles County Jail cell while her lawyers alleged “discovery violations.”

The current criminal case against Pam Hupp surrounds her August 2016 shooting of Louis Gumpenberger. She claimed Gumpenberger attacked at her O’Fallon, MO home. She told police it was self-defense when she shot him in her living room.

Police found the alleged attacker was a man with disabilities, who couldn’t even drive. Investigators said they found a note in Gumpenberger’s pocket with instructions to kidnap Hupp. Police also said they found $900 dollars cash in his pocket.

A CSI tech said she found evidence it was planted. According to search warrants, the cash in Gumpenberger`s pocket was made up of $100 bills with serial numbers in sequence. The CSI also reported another hundred-dollar bill - with a similar serial number in the same numbered sequence, on Hupp’s dresser.

Hupp`s lawyers argued they haven`t seen a report from the State`s experts about the money.

Prosecutors say there is no report, adding that the experts are simply going to describe why money with sequential serial numbers would have to be withdrawn at the same time.

The trial was scheduled for June. That's now been canceled with no new trial date decided.

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