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Teens build cars for kids with physical limitations

Embargoed to Kansas City, MO A robotics team and a club is helping design, build, and engineer hot rods for kids with movement disabilities.

Kansas City, MO (KSHB) — At times the process can be tedious, often requiring a lot of attention to details, but for 16-year-old Katrina Johnson, the end-result is the most rewarding.

“You can see their face just light up when they find out they have something specifically made for them,” she said.

Johnson is part of a robotics team and a club that is helping design, build, and engineer hot rods for kids with movement disabilities.

The group is called Geeks for Kids. It’s composed of high school and middle school robotics students, local engineers, car mechanics and other professionals.

The group started three years ago with one car. Last year, the group designed and built 12 cars. This year, their goal is even higher.

Geeks for Kids would like to give away 18 to 24 custom cars.

The cars start out with a similar skeleton. However, each one is tailored to the child’s individual needs.

If a child has limited upper-body mobility, the robotics team will install a joystick or a button, which allows the child to move the car. If a child’s upper-body mobility is stronger, he or she may push a button to control the speed.

“It makes you feel good,” Anna Baker said, as she showed off one of the cars.

“The goal of the program is to help teach students STEM while helping those with limitations become more independent,” Rebecca Kidwell, president of LEARN Science & Match Club, a nonprofit organization, said.

Each car costs about $1,500. The group is looking for donations and also families or children to help.

You can learn more by visiting their website or GoFundMe page .

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