Better Family Life wants a St. Louis solution to stop gun violence

ST. LOUIS - Elliott Davis continues his examinations of a program out of Boston meant to bring down violence.

Boston Ceasefire started in the mid 90's.  Ceasefire and variations of it is being used in cities across the nation.  It’s been successful in bring down the violence in many of those cities.  But S.t Louis is so far taking a pass on the program.

Elliott Davis talks to James Clark of St Louis' Better Family Life.  He's been on the front lines in the battle to bring down the number of homicides in St. Louis.

Clark acknowledges the positive impact of Boston Ceasefire in a number of cities, but says he'd rather see a home-grown solution to the homicide problem.  He points out that a lot of folks in other cities come here to see what St. Louis is doing.  He says he doesn’t see the need to import a program, even though he says St. Louis does use some ideas from other places.

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