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Walmart has the two ice cream flavors you didn’t know you needed: Unicorn Sparkle and Nickelodeon Slime

Walmart’s two newest ice cream offerings will cater to people who need a little magic, need a little 90s nostalgia or just need a sweet treat to beat the summer heat.

Great Value Unicorn Sparkle is comprised of cake-flavored ice cream and a bright purple frosting swirl and confetti pieces.

Unicorn Sparkle hit shelves April 29, and for just $2.97, it’s an easy way to add some magic to your freezer this summer.

But your freezer has room for two ice cream containers right?

Enter Nickelodeon-slime inspired frozen treats, in the form of both ice cream cups and frozen pops.

Nickelodeon Slime ice cream cups have vanilla ice cream with green frosting swirls, harkening back to the days when the green goo seemed to be all over everybody, including Marc Summers. The slime bars are orange and lemon lime flavored, brightly colored treats that come in packs of 12.

Both the ice cream cups, 12 for $4.97, and the bars, 12 for $2.97, made it to the freezer section April 29.



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