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Better Together Chairman says proposal was scrapped after recent setbacks

ST. LOUIS -  In a stunning announcement Better Together is pulling its controversial St. Louis City-County consolidation plan.

You Paid For It reporter Elliott Davis sat down with the Chairman of the Better Together committee Monday afternoon.

Mark Wrighton who is also the Chancellor of Washington University says the Steve Stenger downfall is part of the reason.

Former St. Louis County Executive Stenger was one of the high profile supports of Better Together.

He landed in hot water with the feds in a pay to play scheme. He was indicted, resigned from office and pleaded guilty.

Wrighton says it left a sour taste in the public's mouth and affected support for their plan.

He also added public aversion to the statewide vote to Better Together was needed to pass the plan turned out to be a huge problem.

Wrighton did not rule out refiling the plan down the road.

He said if Better Together refiled, they would try to do it without the requirement of a statewide vote.

Municipal Mayors like James McGhee of Vinita Park says he's elated at the decision to pull the plan for now saying elected officials were not going to let someone come into their communities and tell them what to do.

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