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Doctor John’s Lingerie Boutique plans to open in Manchester, but the city has questions

MANCHESTER, MO – A Doctor John's Lingerie Boutique is set to open next week in Manchester.

The store has been given the okay to sell lingerie and accessories.

But now city officials have questions about what the word "accessories" includes.

Some regular drivers on Manchester Road have been wondering why the old audio express building has been painted pink. That's the color of a Doctor John's Lingerie Boutiques.

"We made it very clear that no novelties are to be sold there," said Melanie Rippetoe, Manchester Director of Planning and Zoning.

The city approval for the store did not require a vote by the planning and zoning commission or the board of aldermen. It was okayed through what's called a permitted use process.

"That they can just apply for zoning and if the zoning allows it then we have to let them in.”

The business is zoned commercial along Manchester Road. The owner hopes to pick up a business license this week and open for business next week. The city says the business agreed not to use the word "novelty" in their title.

"They're only allowed to sell apparel and accessories and we have an agreement with them that they will only sell apparel and accessories similar to and the same as Walmart."

The business owner told me by phone the store will sell lingerie, swimwear, accessories including DVD's, bachelorette items and marital aids. When I told the planning and zoning director those items may be sold she was surprised

"Uhm so, we'll likely have to have another conversation like that's literally to what we agreed upon is apparel and accessories similar or the same as those sold at Walmart in Manchester.”

The owner of the store John Haltom was not available for an on-camera interview but he told Fox2/News 11 by phone that he is hoping to open other Dr. John's stores throughout West County and possibly even Clayton.

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