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Nursing shortage is forcing children to stay in medical facilities

ST. LOUIS - A local mom wants one thing for Mother's Day. She wants her one-year-old son to come home from the hospital.

The family needs help to make that wish happen due to a nursing shortage that is forcing children to stay in medical facilities when the just want to go home.

Karson was born prematurely. He weighed 1 pound and four ounces at birth. Jessica Cook is one of his nurses at Mercy Children's Hospital and said she has been with him since day one.

"He's had multiple surgeries. Anything that could go wrong, did. He's overcome a lot that we didn't think he would. Just a couple of months ago, we didn't think he would make it and here he is," said Cook.

Karson has been in the hospital for a year and four days.  His parents, Blaine Thomas, and Ashley Garrison cannot wait to bring him home.

"He's one now, he turned one on Saturday. He's been cleared by the doctors to go home, but he has to have 24-hour care, we are waiting for nurses to say, "'Hey we want to come play,'" said Garrison.

Whitney Olson is the Corporate Recruitment Specialist at Preferred Pediatric.

Olson says Preferred Pediatric needs 1,200 nurses in Illinois alone.

"We have 400 other kids currently sitting in hospitals, that cannot come home because they don't have a nurse to care for them at home," said Olson.

Karson will need five nurses to help care for him at his home.

If you know an RN or LPN with an active license, looking for work, reach out to them.

For more information call Preferred Pediatric at (618) 467-1100 or you can click here and go to the website.



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