Residents near the River Des Peres come together to clean-up flood debris

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ST. LOUIS – Residents upset about flood debris floating in the River Des Peres took matters into their owns hands Wednesday night. This after one city official said the river was like a toilet, that soon the trash would be flushed away. That city official apparently was right, the river seemed to be fairly clear Wednesday night compared to earlier this week.

However, that didn’t stop the volunteers from pitching in. 8 adults and a baby came together near the river.

They were met by a city health worker and a battalion chief. Both advised them of the dangers of the dirty water and the need to wear a life preserver if they were going to be close to the river.

The volunteers took the advice and stayed on land picking up debris. Volunteers feared the trash on the water moved onto the Mississippi and people fear much of it will ultimately threaten marine life. Jamie Reese is a volunteer, she said, “That’s like a really big thing right now all the plastic that’s killing all the marine life.”

They were happy they took part and wished others had joined them. Volunteer Angela Liggins added, “I like to see good in the world so whatever I can do to help.”  “If we could get bigger groups of people to do it and bring attention to it then maybe it won’t look like it does cause it looks terrible,” said Reese.

City Alderman Larry Arnowitz praised the volunteers and hoped the city and MSD could work together to keep the river clean,  “Maybe we can put some catch net along the bridges,” said  Larry Arnowitz, City Alderman.

It turned out the dangers were not only in the water folks were finding heroin and used needles in the grass, “That makes me sad I don’t know what that’s about,” said Reese.

They’re planning more clean-up days and hoping more people join the effort.

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