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Walter Knoll Florists sees Mother’s Day rush

ST. LOUIS - Mother’s Day is Sunday and the people that make moms everywhere smile are working long hours to share the love.

It is the second biggest day of the year for sales for florists, second only to Valentine’s Day. The floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist were creating all sorts of arrangements for moms across the St. Louis area.

“We work longer hours,” said floral designer Lindsey Knoll Rawlins. “We each had a late night either yesterday or today and then we’re going to be working till the holiday’s over.”

They began gearing up last Sunday getting everything ready. The number of orders tripled compared to a usual weekend.

“It’s a lot of work for us but we know in the end it's going to result in going to somebody’s home and it’s going to make somebody smile so it’s all worth it," designer Tina Sanders said.

When the arrangement is complete it may go right out the door or into one of the big coolers to wait for delivery. It’s a job where people play an important role in spreading love and joy.

“You get to read the cards and see how they feel about their loved ones, it’s very nice,” said designer Cherie Cobler.

Michael Smith paid a visit to Walter Knoll’s on Friday to buy flowers for his wife. This year, Smith said he’s really feeling the love.

“This bunch is so beautiful. I usually come here and buy cheap; today I’m buying special,” he said.

The people who see the payoff to all designers’ work are the delivery folks. They witness first-hand the joy and the smiles on moms’ faces.

“There’s multiple times I would love to give the sender a call and let them know how much that person appreciates it,” said floral deliveryman David Barnett. “It’s really nice the little things people can do like that, that goes a long way.”

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