North City man faces social media backlash from false animal abuse post

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ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis man is furious about a Tuesday Facebook post accusing him of abusing his dogs.

Now he’s calling on people to come see for themselves.

The Humane Society of Missouri already has.

Byron Mischeaux and his dogs have become fixtures in North St. Louis through the years.

He currently owns 4 adults and 6 puppies at his building at Union and Wabada, he said.

The Facebook post labeled him as a possible animal abuser.

The post was off the mark, Mischeaux said.

Videos from the post-show 6 wet, shivering, puppies in a cage in front of the building Tuesday, with the puppies’ parents tethered to a nearby pole and fire hydrant.

The post calls on people to report the case to the Humane Society Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Mischeaux told Fox 2/News 11 he’d just brought the dogs outside to bathe them.

“I’m out here washing my puppies. They’re 6 weeks old. You cannot do anything to the puppies until they’re 6 weeks old,” he said.

He showed Fox2/News 11 the puppies Wednesday.

They were clean, dry, and well-fed.

“I’m out here washing them off yesterday. The father (dog) was right there. The mother (dog) was hooked right there. I’m washing them off…I’m not the one (to abuse dogs). Come up by and see my place of business,” he said.

He’s being vilified on Facebook and has responded in-kind, with people are even coming by his building to give him grief, in person, he said.

“My response is mind your own damn business!” he said emphatically.

The adult dogs live in cluttered pens behind the store.

A Humane Society investigator visited Wednesday and found that while things may not “look ideal”, the animals had shade, water, shelter, appeared well-fed and healthy, a spokeswoman said.

The dogs essentially have been therapy animals to Mischeaux since he survived 3 bullet wounds to his head 18 years ago, he said.

“For a person to pass by and downgrade me and talk about me. You know how hurtful that is? Social media is the whole problem! People are talking about stuff they know nothing about!” he said.

He plans to give the puppies to his 9 grandchildren as graduation gifts.

Statement from the City of St. Louis Department of Health’s Animal Care and Control Division:

The City of St. Louis Department of Health's Animal Care and Control division is aware of the conditions at Union and Wabada. The owner of the dogs is currently under notice with the city, following protocols and procedures in accordance with the City of St. Louis’ Animal Laws and Regulations. The Department of Health’s Animal Care and Control officers are actively investigating these latest concerns.

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