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The wild Philly bar that cheers the St. Louis Blues and inspired ‘Gloria’

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – So what’s with the St. Louis Blues playing “Gloria” by Laura Branigan all the time now? Chalk that up to a bar in Philadelphia and players who will do anything for good luck.

Five Blues players stopped into a private club called Jacks NYB in January to watch the Eagles-Bears playoff game. A club member kept yelling between breaks to the DJ, “Play ‘Gloria!'” Blues forward Robby Fabbri says the place went nuts, and the Blues happened to win the next day. Hockey players are superstitious, and Fabbri says the team made “Gloria” their “win song.”

“Gloria” came out 37 years ago, yet it was No. 44 on iTunes last week. Kathy Golik, who runs Branigan’s social media accounts, says the beauty is that it was not a marketing campaign, but “a small snowball that’s rolled down a hill and all of a sudden it becomes this big, gigantic thing.” Branigan died in 2004.

Check out the reaction to Blues games from St. Louis fans in Philadelphia:

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