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‘Hey buddy, we’re still here’ Watch Brett Hull’s rousing speech about the Blues’ amazing playoff run

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Are you excited about the Blues’ playoff run? If you’re not then watching this video will change your attitude. This video was played to rouse the crowd during the Blues’ watch party at the Enterprise Center while the team played in San Jose. The Blues won that game on Sunday 5-0 to lead the series 3-2.

Watch Blues Executive Vice President Brett Hull gave this inspiring speech. Read the full transcript here:

“They said it was just a good story, one that would soon come to an end. They expected us to be satisfied with how far we’ve come. We’re not satisfied. We’re here to prove that the past is merely a point of reference and not a predictor of the future the postseason.

This starts a new chapter. It’s a new set of obstacles, challenges the regular season we’ve been preparing for. We were ready for them.

First, we traveled north and grounded the Jets. Then we turned south and defeated an old familiar foe.

Our leadership, our team, is relentless. We’ve overcome adversity. We’ve delivered at the most crucial times.
Do you think we have their attention now? Do you think they can hear us? Can they hear us rising and chanting? Let’s Go Blues.

This started more than 50 years ago. A collective idea a singular goal. Decades of legends and leadership has brought us here. This is about more than hockey. It’s bigger than us. It’s about our city, all of us together pushing towards the same goal.

This is about our dream, about chasing immortality this. This is about etching our names along the best in history on the hardest trophy to win in sports.

Now we find out who wants it more. Do you want it do you want to be a part of the greatest time in our history? Together we’re gonna dig deep and give everything.

This is all we know. Our eyes are on the ultimate goal, one game at a time, one period at a time.

This is about writing this story that will be told for generations to come. They think we’re at the end? Hey buddy, we’re still here.”

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