St. Louis Emergency Management Agency preparing for severe weather

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ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Emergency Management Agency is on guard monitoring weather and problems caused by it and ready to warn people.

With the potential of tens of thousands of Blues fans downtown, the city’s emergency management agency will be activated Tuesday evening.

Earlier in the afternoon, the director and staff members were listening closely and taking notes to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service. As many as 46 counties across Missouri and Illinois were also listening in.

“We’re going to ensure we’re monitoring the weather were pushing out information,” St. Louis Emergency Management Agency Commissioner Gary Christmann said.

At home, families can rush to a basement for protection but tonight they could be parking the car on a surface lot nearby the Enterprise Center when violent weather starts rolling in. So what should they do?

“We advise people not to stay in their vehicles. Seek shelter in a building that you may be close to,” Christmann said. “Inside of a vehicle you’re vulnerable to the hail coming through the windshield or the windows. Tornadoes can pick up the cars and toss them.”

Meanwhile, Ameren is warning folks a pile of storm debris could be hiding a live downed power line and you could be injured if not killed if you’re not careful. Company officials also say extra crews will be on duty this evening.

“We’re also arranging an early start with the rest of the workforce 4 a.m. (Wednesday) to get an early start tomorrow morning for anything that happens overnight,” Ameren Vice President Kevin Anders said.

Trees and tree limbs bring down power lines each year. Ameren trims trees along 4,000 miles of power lines to cut down on outages.

See the current weather radar here.

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