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Researchers collecting ticks to find where they’re active

URBANA, Ill. –  Researchers involved in an Illinois tick research and surveillance program are hoping the public will be generous in passing on to them the little bloodsuckers.

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine says the Illinois Tick Inventory Collaboration Network received more than 900 ticks last year that people from 28 counties pulled from themselves or their animals.

Rebecca Smith, a program coordinator, says researchers are still in the process of testing ticks that were sent to them last year. She says researchers are hoping to learn more about where and when ticks are active and spreading disease in Illinois.

Because the research program is expanding this year, researchers are seeking more volunteers to take part.

The program has established a network of collection hubs throughout the state, and participants are asked to start by contacting the nearest hub to them and getting tick collection kits.

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