Double fatal crash closes down road often called one of the most dangerous

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department completely closed Natural Bridge Road this morning just after 9:00am. Officers were investigating a fatal crash so violent, people at a business a block away could hear the boom.

Nelda Granderson said, “I ran outside to see what was going on.” Down the road, she could see a mangled red car that had just plowed into a truck next to Shapiro Metal Supply.

Police reported two people dead as they investigated. Granderson said, “He or she was flying – going at a high rate of speed.” Reporter Chris Hayes asked, “When you heard that loud boom did you know?” Granderson answered, “I knew instantly, somebody hit something.”

She says she’s seen crashes repeatedly since opening Ari’s Ice Cream Parlor and Café last August. Granderson added, “People are flying down the street, no respect to the pedestrians walking or anything.”

Pedestrian Andre Lathan said, “Every day all day.”

Lathan says he can’t even count how many tragedies he’s seen around here. He’s walked this stretch of Natural Bridge from Clara to Goodfellow for 30 years. He said, “Motorcycle riding, people racing, shooting everyday thing man. It’s terrible.”

He thinks the wide-open stretch is an invitation for bad decisions. The Missouri Department of Transportation reports 20 people since 2012 have died on a four-mile stretch of this road. That’s not counting the two people who died in Today’s crash.

Granderson added, “They won’t get to see their family this weekend and that just hurts me. This is Memorial Day weekend.”

MoDOT recently partnered with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to do something about it. You can read about the partnership’s Travel Safe’s Zone initiative here.

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